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6 Simple Tips for a Warm Bathroom

Linda Lombardini

"Linda is the consummate professional when it comes to dealing with real estate in the Ann Arbor area...

"Linda is the consummate professional when it comes to dealing with real estate in the Ann Arbor area...

Jan 29 3 minutes read

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, but it can also be one of the coldest. If you’re tired of getting up in the middle of the night and walking into a chilly room, it’s time to warm things up. Here are six ideas to keep your bathroom warm:

1. Keep towels warm 24/7.

A towel warmer keeps your towels heated so you can end every bath or shower in comfort. In addition, it can double as an energy-efficient heater for your entire bathroom.

2. Heat up the toilet.

A heated toilet seat is a great way to keep your bathroom warm this winter. Depending on the type of toilet you have, make sure to have your measurements on hand in order to purchase the correct size.

3. Install a space heater.

Adding a space heater to your bathroom is an easy way to introduce warmth. Choose an energy-efficient heater with built-in safety features like a tip-over safety switch or automated shut-off. Always make sure to keep your heater away from towels, curtains and other flammable items.

4. Warm up the floor.

If you’re building a new home or adding a new bathroom, heated floors are a wonderful luxury. Heated floors don’t cost as much as many homeowners think and can vastly improve your home’s overall value and comfort. Hire a professional contractor to make sure installation is completed correctly.

5. Revamp the shower.

A steam shower or sauna produces a lot of heat while in use. The warmth generated can linger long after your bath or shower is over. Steam showers and saunas heat up quickly to avoid any cold sprays. Converting your current shower into a steam shower sometimes only requires a new showerhead. For a complete remodel of your shower, always hire a pro.

6. Add a fireplace.

A bathroom fireplace installation is only feasible for larger bathrooms. For safety reasons, electric fireplaces are better suited for bathroom use than gas models.

If your bathroom is cold and uninviting, add a heat source to make things more enjoyable. From inexpensive accessories to stylish design elements, the ideas listed above can keep this space warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside.

Reprinted with permission from RIS Media. (c)2016. All rights reserved.
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